Selinion Medical's mission is based on four basic principles that we see as the foundation of our company.


  • We act adequatly to every appeal our clients make to us.
  • We provide innovative and qualitative products that justify their price.
  • We guarantee support that ensures continuation and safety for the use of our products.
  • We act in a socially responsible manner, to become recognized as a company that stands for devotion, honesty and integrity


As employees of Selinion Medical we make decisions based on what we believe.

  • We believe that people are the heart of everything we do.
  • We believe that ideas are the lifeblood of our company.
  • We believe that passion is a key to making difference at our company.
  • We believe that quality impacts everything we do.
  • We believe that integrity is essential to our success.


  • We work under the conditions of ISO 9001:2015. Registration #26194/1.1