Reagena Oy Ltd and Selinion Medical B.V. signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Benelux countries.


Reagena has appointed Selinion Medical to distribute its range of zoonosis diagnostics products in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. 


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Our new PCR controls for quality and reliable molecular testing


Recently, we have expanded our product range with the newest extraction & PCR Controls: Amplirun DNA/RNA and Amplirun Total. These new controls will help you standardize your PCR runs and will ensure reliable and comparable results.


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All you need for the detection of Zika virus


We have new PCR products specific for the current Zika virus outbreak. We can provide laboratories with a multiplex Chinkungunya, Dengue, Zika PCR detection kit and quantified PCR controls for all three targets.


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True morphological semen analyses in less than 20 seconds.


We are very pleased to expand our products in the field of human and veterinary semen analyses. This brought us the Trumorph. This state of the art system supports the user with clear morphological images. No fixation and staining steps are needed anymore.


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Our new products for the detection of gluten in feces and urine


We are happy to announce that we have new tests available for the detection of gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP). The GIP detect marker is used to help patients with celiac disease to monitor their gluten-free diet. 


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