Gold Standard Diagnostics

AIX1000 (RPR testing for syphilis) (Systems)


The AIX1000 is the world’s first fully automated system for nontreponemal RPR Syphilis testing. Simply load your reagents and up to 192 samples, then walk away. The AIX automates the processing, analysis, reporting and archival of results for both RPR screens and titers.

It's a fully automated microtiter plate processor, capable to completely perform sample processing steps, including dilutions, dispenses, and incubations. 

Reduce the amount of labor overhead dedicated to RPR testing, freeing personnel to increase productivity across laboratory operations. Improve the quality & consistency of your results.

The RPR test procedure and results interpretation are fully automated. Reduce variation associated with manual testing & interpretation.

Run flexible batch sizes of up to 192 samples in 90 minutes. The AIX1000 performs RPR screens and/or titers using automated protocols.



AIX1000 RPR Kit Components

480 test kit
10 x 48 well plates
22mL Carbon Antigen
350uL Reactive Control
350uL Non-Reactive Control

Features and benefits

Start the Run & Walk Away
Load sample tubes using the built-in bar code reader or intelligent racks. The AIX1000 provides full sample traceability from loading to result reporting and archiving. The AIX1000 performs the RPR test procedure for screens and titers, and automatically interprets results.

On-Board Features
The AIX1000 employs a single, dual needle probe to aliquot Gold Standard Diagnostics’ RPR reagents in up to 4, 48 well microtiter plates, and an orbital shaker to perform the automated RPR test procedure. A built-in magnetic stir plate maintains carbon reagent suspension during the run.

Digital Results
An HD camera generates images of RPR test results that are stored digitally and are retrievable on demand

Run qualitative screens & semi-quantitative titers (1:2-1:256). The AIX1000 performs the RPR test procedure for screens and titers, and automatically interprets results using a proprietary pattern recognition algorithm.

Intuitive, User Friendly Touch Interface
Use the touch-screen interface to analyze, archive and retrieve results.

Compatible with Laboratory Information Systems
Upload and report results directly to your laboratory database without the need for manual data entry. Integrate results archiving and reporting into your laboratory information system.

Intelligent Racks
Automatic sample location management.

High Precision Micro-Syringe
Aspirate 1µl with less than 3% CV.

On-board Camera
Probe-mounted high-definition camera.

Built-in Barcode Reader
Streamline loading and decrease sample tracking errors.

Orbital MTP Shaker
Precise adherence to test procedure (100-400 RPM).

Small Footprint
~2 feet x 2 feet


Product AIX1000 (RPR testing for syphilis) (Systems)
Product code AIX1000
Manufacturer Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD)
Quantity 1 system
Test time up to 192 samples in 90 minutes




Sample capacity 192 patient sample positions
Reagent positions 7 reagent positions.
Built-in magnetic stir plate for carbon reagent suspension
Test tube sizes Standard 12, 13, 16 mm diameter, up to 100 mm tall
(custom racks available)
MTP positions 4 x 48 well plate positions for screens and low titers.
3 x 48 well plate positions for high titers
Well-tracking Independent well tracking and timing
Waste & wash bottles 2-liter external waste bottle. 1-liter external wash bottle
Probe/needle Single probe, dual needle
Dispense volume Up to 300 µl
Aspiration volume 1 µl – 300 µl
Orbital MTP shaker Amplitude: 10 mm; Speed 100-400 RPM
LED backlight   
Power supply 100-265V, 50-60Hz, 120W max
Dimensions W: 64 cm (25.2 in), D: 57 cm (22.4 in)
H: 45 cm (17.7 in), H (open): 91.5cm (36 in)
Weight 28 kg (61.7 lbs.)
Software specifications Multi-language support
Image analysis Proprietary digital agglutination recognition algorithm
Results archiving Digitally store images for retrieval anytime
LIS compatible RS232, USB, TCP/IP
User interface MS Windows Graphical User Interface (Windows 7 or later)