Vircell Amplirun

Bordetella holmesii (PCR Control)


Purified DNA of Bordetella holmesii to be used to control in vitro diagnosis techniques based on nucleic acids amplification.


Product Bordetella holmesii (PCR Control)
Product code MBC092
Manufacturer Vircell Microbiologists (Spain)
Technique Amplirun DNA Control
Quantity ± 12.500 copies per µl, once reconstituted in 100 µl sterile bidistilled water


Bordetella are small, aerobic, Gram-negative, coccobacillary bacteria. Bordetella holmesii is associated with bacteremia, endocarditis, and respiratory illness, mainly in immunocompromised patients and has also been detected in nasopharyngeal specimens from patients with a pertussis-like illness. Little is known about the normal habitat of B. holmesii and its potential mode of transmission.