Vircell Amplirun

Coccidioides immitis


Purified DNA of Coccidioides immitis for use to control in vitro diagnosis techniques based on nucleic acid amplification.


Product Coccidioides immitis
Product code MBC014
Manufacturer Vircell Microbiologists (Spain)
Technique Amplirun DNA Control
Quantity ± 12.500 copies per µl, once reconstituted in 100 µl sterile bidistilled water


Coccidioides immitis is a dimorphic, filamentous fungus belonging to the Phylum Ascomycota, that presents barrelshaped arthroconidia (2‐5 μm) that usually develop in alternate hyphal cells. It is a soil‐inhabiting fungus confined to dessert regions of the Western Hemisphere. Although most infections are asymptomatic, inhalation of the spores may cause pulmonary coccidiomycosis, specially in immunocompromised patients.