CalproSmart Home Test (LFT)



The CalproSmartâ„¢ Self Test is a method for the determination of Calprotectin levels at home in human stool samples in combination with the dedicated CalproSmartâ„¢ smartphone application. The test is intended as an aid in monitoring the disease level of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

Calprotectin is a very abundant neutrophil protein with many "characteristics"
It constitutes more than 60% of total proteins in the cytosol of neutrophil granulocytes, each neutrophil contains 25 picograms of calprotectin compared to about 30 picograms haemoglobin per erythrocyte.

It is of special importance that the concentration of Calprotectin in faeces is correlated with the number of PMNs migrating into the gut lumen, and that it can be detected reliably even in small (less than one gram) random stool samples. Furthermore, organic diseases of the bowel give a strong Calprotectin signal, i.e. elevations are regularly five to several thousand times the upper reference in healthy individuals, indicating intestinal inflammation.

The CalproSmart for determination of faecal calprotectin concentrations has become a routine objective and non-invasive assay for detection of gastrointestinal inflammation or neoplasia and for assessment of inflammatory bowel disease activity and response to treatment. It can also predict the risk of relapse in patients in clinical remission; a normal quatitative calprotectin value is evidence that mucosal healing has been achieved. Use of the calprotectin assessement assists in selecting patients for endoscopy, in particular among children needing general anaesthesia.



Product CalproSmart Home Test (LFT)
Product code CAL200, CAL250, CAL240, CAL230
Manufacturer Calpro (Norway)
Technique Lateral flow test
Quantity 10, 5, 4 or 3 tests
Sample stool