Thunderbolt ELISA processor (Systems)


The ThunderBolt is an innovative 2-plate, fully automated, open platform that is compact and cost efficient. The user friendly and flexible software is capable of programming a broad range of protocols. The ThunderBolt is available for both ELISA and Chemiluminescent (CLIA) applications.

The ThunderBolt® offers automation features previously reserved for instruments many times the price and size. Streamline your workflow with easy loading, and fully automated processing, reading and reporting of results. Experience the difference ThunderBolt® automation will bring to your laboratory.

System features

  • Intuitive Software: Software that works the way your lab does 
  • Intelligent Racks: Automatic sample location management.
  • High Precision Micro -Syringe: Aspirate ul with less than 3% CV.
  • Built-in Reader: Ultra-compact and fully-automated reader options (EIA or CLIA+EIA)
  • Convection Incubator: Eliminate “Edge Effect” by evenly heating each well.
  • Probe-Mounted Camera: Real-time process monitoring and remote diagnostics.
  • Sliding Sample Tray: Easy loading and unloading of samples.
  • Built-in Barcode Reader: Streamline loading and decrease sample tracking errors.
  • Orbital Shaker: No-spill design, up to 900 RPM.




Product Thunderbolt ELISA processor (Systems)
Product code EIA00300
Manufacturer Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD)
Sample Serum, Plasma and stool extracts


Sample Capacity: 192 patient sample position
Test Tube Size(s)Standards:  12, 13 or 16 x 75 mm tubes (custom racks also available)
MTP Positions: 2 positions
Pre-dilution MTP Positions: 1 position
Well-Tracking: Independent well tracking and timing
Wash bottles:    2 external wash bottles
Probe/Needle:    Single probe, dual needle
Dispense Volume:  Up to 500 µl
Aspiration Volume:                  1 µl 
Incubation Temperature:  Up to 40 ºC
Photometer Wavelengths:  405, 450, 490, 550 and 630 nm wavelengths
Chemiluminescence type: glow
Spectral range:  300-500 nm
Dark count:    50 counts per second (standard)
Measuring time:  200 ms (adjustable 1 to 1000 ms)
Dynamic range: 6 decades (optional add-on)
Orbital MTP Shaker:  1mm, Up to 900 RPM
Capacity:  3 MTP (2 reaction, 1 pre-dilution)
Power Supply: 120-265V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions:  W: 64 cm, D: 57 cm, H: 45 cm (W: 25.2 in, D: 22.5 in, H: 17.7 in)
CE Listed: Yes