Vircell Amplirun

Acanthamoeba castellani (PCR Control)


Purified DNA of Acanthamoeba castellanii to be used to control in vitro diagnosis techniques based on nucleic acid amplification.


Product Acanthamoeba castellani (PCR Control)
Product code MBC054
Manufacturer Vircell Microbiologists (Spain)
Technique Amplirun DNA Control
Quantity ± 12.500 copies per µl, once reconstituted in 100 µl sterile bidistilled water


Acanthamoeba are free living amoeba that present two phases in its life cycle: cysts (the resistance form) and trophozoites (the replicating stage).They have been found in varied environments (sea and fresh water, pools, contact lens and dental equipment and solutions, air conditioning systems, animal tissues). It can cause severe keratitis in healthy individuals (particularly contact lens users) and amoebic encephalitis, disseminated disease, or skin lesions in individuals with compromised immune systems.