Invasive candidiasis

Candida yeasts normally live in and on the body without causing any symptoms with the exception of vaginitis and oral thrush. In people at risk, invasive candidiasis is an opportunistic disease of fungal etiology that can occur when Candida yeasts enter the bloodstream and spreads to other parts of the body causing an infection.

Patients at high risk for developing candidemia include:

• Intensive care unit (ICU) patients

• Long-stay hospitalized patients

• Surgical patients

• Patients with a central venous catheter

• People whose immune systems are weakened

• Patients receiving broad spectrum antibiotic therapy

• Very low-birth-weight infants

The test that Vircell has produced for the detection of invasive candidiasis has the following advantages:

• Monotest and fully automated

• Results in 1 hour Early diagnosis and treatment are associated with a better prognosis in invasive candidiasis

• Better patient care Giving unnecessary and expensive antifungal drugs to patients should be avoided

• Save costs Using the right diagnostic tool could lead to substantial reductions in total inpatient cost

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